Distributing Company Wanted

We are looking for logistics companies interested in distributing Japanese comic.
We will localise the titles so you don’t have to worry about translation fees.
If you are interested or have any questions please 「contact us」 from the form down below.

We will translate the comics to the language [you demand/of the publishing country]
We feature experienced translators boasting over 10 years of experience as well as younger translators who love comics, and they provide a real and natural tone in their translations.

We will reformat the 【traditonal japanese Strip cartoon】 to webtoon.

We will convert the black and white comics to full color.

There usually are cultural and custom differences between Japan and the publishing country, so there is always a risk of using taboo expressions such as racist slurs, etc. This is why we are committed to avoiding such issues and actively carry out proofreading and quality control processes (culture check) to make sure the sentences conform to the target country’s cultural standards.